Lipstick On Your Collar  



What is your band line up?
We are a five piece band plus sound engineer. The band line up consists of;
   - Female Lead and Backing vocals,
   - Bass, Male Lead and Backing Vocals
   - Guitar and Backing Vocals
   - Keys
   - Drums

What is a typical set length?
Performances are usually made up of 1x 1 hour, 2x 45mins or 2x 1 hour sets, although we can tailor this to your requirements.

Are you able to offer extended performances / extra sets?
While up to 2 hours of play time is included in the base price, for an additional fee we can increase our playing time, up to a maximum of 3hrs. Please enquire for prices.

What is the latest time you can play to?
Our quotes are based on playing up to Midnight. If you would like us to continue later than that please discuss it with us at the time of booking, as an additional fee may apply.

How much time do you require to setup?
We ideally like to arrive at least 2 hours before we are due to start playing. This gives us plenty of time to set-up, sound check, have a quick break and get into costume prior to starting.

How much stage space do you require?
We require a minimum area of 16ft (5m) wide by 12ft (3.7m) deep for the band to assemble in. We do appreciate as much space as possible however, as the larger the space, the better visual performance the band can provide for you.

How Many Power Sockets do you require?
We require a minimum of 4 power sockets, plus an additional power socket if you wish us to provide band lighting.

What are your parking requirements?
We require parking space for 4 cars, ideally as near as possible to where you wish us load / unload our equipment. If there are any access issues to the venue, please let us know well in advance.

Do you require any extra storage or changing facilities?
We do require changing facilities as well as a lockable room in which we can store costumes, instrument cases etc.

Do you require refreshments during the event?
We do request a free supply of drinking water throughout the event to keep us ticking over. Other non-alcoholic refreshments or food would be lovely (they are growing boys!) but are not compulsory.


How does your booking process work?
Please contact us for a quote. If after receiving this you wish to go ahead with the booking, we will confirm the details and send you out an MU Contract. This will need to be signed and returned with 10 days. We will call you before the gig to finalise any last minute details. If you do have any questions between the time of booking and the gig, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Do you take requests?
Given sufficient notice and dependant on song required we are happy to take requests. This may invoke an additional charge.

Can you play our first dance for us?
As the first dance is arguably the most important song of the evening, we will only play a song not on our list if it is within our instrumentation and style. If for any reason we can't perform the song live, we will arrange for the original version to be played over our sound system at the appropriate time.

Can you provide music when you are not on stage?
Yes, we will happily provide an extensive selection of era appropriate 50's/60's themed music through our PA before in between and after our sets at no extra charge.

Can you play my music through your PA?
Yes. We are happy to play any music provided on an IPod etc, as long as the device has a standard 3.5mm headphone socket/line out. Just pass your music player to the sound engineer at the start of the evening. We are also happy to mix individual song requests into our pre-recorded selection, although for this prior notice is obviously required.

Do you charge extra for sound and lighting equipment?
All PA and lighting equipment is included in the quoted price.

Do you use backing tracks?
No! All of our music is 100% live – no backing tracks or pre-recorded instruments are used.

Some of our guests are musicians. Can they play with you on a few songs?
Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, we are unable to allow guest musicians to play with us, even if they provide their own equipment.